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Log Cabin Kits

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Date added: 08.03.2012
Log Cabin Kits

Log cabin kits are gaining in popularity as people are turning back to the rugged beauty of a rustic cabin look for their homes. These kits make the planning and building stages simple and fast. In addition, a great deal of money can be saved since the need for a personal contractor is foregone and most of the pieces are pre-engineered and made to size at the factory. This article will look at how these cabins are built and what the benefits to this type of construction are.


Log cabin kits exist for a variety of building options. Smaller and less costly options are the small three seasons’ cottage, storage sheds and pool houses which are uninsulated while more costly options include a hunting cabin or a fully insulated year-round home. Many companies that specialize in these pre-fabricated constructions provide basic floor plans which either can be built and assembled as planned or can be tweaked and changed to fit the customer’s needs.

Sometimes two of the units are built together to form a larger unit or to form a U or H shaped home. In addition, inner walls and staircases can be moved around a bit. However, once the plan has been approved, the manufacturer produces the interior and exterior walls, the roof and any extras such as a porch, a loft or stairways. The outside walls feature the typical rounded log look while the indoor walls and ceiling beams are typically a classic knotty pine. Then these are cut into four foot increments and shipped to the customer. Also included is a pamphlet with a numbered plan that makes assembly quite simple.

Most companies do not make provisions for electricity, plumbing, cabinets or foundation and floor coverings; this is something that either the customer himself or a separate contractor will do.


As can be imagined, these log cabin kits provide a great number of benefits. The cost savings are phenomenal. The cost of labor is greatly decreased since a good deal of the construction is done before the pieces even reach the site. The need for a general contractor is either lowered or removed altogether. In addition, the smaller cabins typically only require two or three men to put together; some plans may take just one day to assemble. Larger, insulated cabins will take three to four men to assemble but can take up to one or two weeks to completely assemble and finish. The quality of construction is quite high since there is no problem with warped wood and typically very few or no errors in the pre-manufactured pieces. In addition, since the pieces are numbered and come with a manual for assembly, the whole process is quite easy. For the simple cottages, the only tools one needs are the simple screw gun, hammer, level and ladder while the larger insulated homes may also require scaffolding and a saw.


Many are discovering the cost and energy savings of purchasing a log cabin kit for their summer cottage or year-round home. With tried and true techniques, manufacturers are able to severely decrease errors and lower the cost of construction since many of the walls and other panels are constructed en masse. For the individual who wants to have a rustic home completely of his own design, the kits can be reworked into other specifications.